It is very easy to buy lots and lots of handbags. It's not always so simple to buy ones you'll want to use often. This guide, and similar ones to follow, aim to help you navigate through the experience of shopping for bags. Use our guide to identify the bags that are your style and fit your lifestyle.

Anchored on the belief that we all deserve affordable, functional yet beautiful handbags for everyday, this guide series will help you find the style that is worth your investment. It explains the different types of everyday bag to consider and gives examples of various price points. The three price points are a low price point, middle price point, and a high price point. The low price point is between the prices £0 to £200. The middle price point is from £201 to £1500. And the higher price point is endless. 

The first in its series, The Everyday Handbag, can be defined as a bag you use/take with you on a day to day basis. I hope you learn from these posts and understand your style. Style creates confidence which leads to being your best self and living your best life. It doesn’t always start from inside out. Sometimes your outward appearance seeps deep and leaves you feeling unstoppable.


The first bag in The Everyday bag series is the crossbody bag. Ideal for a multitasker and someone always on the go. Perfect to keep essentials, affords flexibility as well as security with its long strap and lightweight style.

Choose a simple square or rectangle shape, a zip-around style, or fold-over design, your options are endless when selecting the right partner for your busy days and long nights.

Below are three price point options.



Continental Leather Wallet

Rebecca Minkoff

M.A.B. Crossbody Bag with Studs


Bally Celestine Small

Leather Cross-Body Bag


K small leather crossbody bag


Jimmy Choo

Palace Glitter Crossbody

Salvatore Ferragamo

Leather Crossbody

If you require further assistance in deciding on dimensions, hardware, or any other information please do not hesitate to either call (07710684450) or email . We are always happy to help!

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