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I grew up on a plethora of music genres. Music really is life. From High life to Hiphop, you could hear it all in my house. My love for Hip-Hop came from my older brother who had tapes and then moved to a heck of a CD collection. So, I couldn't let this weekend go by without paying homage to Tupac. 24 years after his death, his messages still resonates.

Let's look at a few:

“Let’s change the way we eat / Let’s change the way we live / And let’s change the way we treat each other”

Changes critiques the brutality, injustice and race relations in the US. What this quote says to me, as a people (black people) let us work on what we can control, and build ourselves up. It doesn't have to be just monetary, it is also about the issues of colourism that plagues us.

“They’ve got money for war but can’t feed the poor”
Keep Ya Head Up

The title of the song speaks for itself really. That line though. In the UK, (allegedly) the day to day cost of running Trident is estimated to be almost £40 billion, that’s about 1% of government spending on the NHS every week. Yet there's no money to fund the NHS or help the homeless and disabled.

The quotes could go on and on. His underlining message was and still is very evident, calling out social injustices and reframing them as life lessons to better ourselves. As we remember Tupac, may we also "spark the brain that will change the world".

Its also Nas' birthday today so you get to listen to a mix of two great legends on #MondayMix. Nas just released a new album King's Disease, his13th album, the lead single is Ultra Black which is now a Pantone colour.

AYYYYYYYY!!!! Congratulations Nas and a Happy birthday Nas!!!

What's your favourite Nas and/or Pac song?

Til next time,

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